Leise rieselt der Schnee


This game was written, because I am in New Zealand (in Auckland) and it just does not snow here. So an old game came into my mind a friend and myself have written in the 80s (on the C64). We never finished/published it. Therefore I rewrote it using python and pygame.
Otherwise this country is really great! I like it very much here and the work is also fun... :-)


Just download the following two files: Make sure you have Python >= 2.3 and pygame >= 1.5.6 (it may work with older version; but I have not tested it). You then must change into the directory "leiserieselt" and can install the program by invoking "python ./install.py". It will be installed in
by default with a symlink to the executeable in
You can start the game by calling "leiserieselt.py".

The Game

After you have clicked or pressed space in order to get rid of the intro (ha, old style... :-) press F1 to play the game.

Each player steers with the following keys

for going left, going right, collecting snow, throwing, changing the current extra, and activating the current extra respectively. For collecting snow press down the button and hold it. The more snow you collect (warning, you cannot move while collecting snow) the more damage you do, if you hit the other player. For throwing press the corresponding button and hold it. Your power will increase (the more power the farther you throw). When you release the key, you throw the snowball. And please, do not hit yourself... ;-) (Yes, it is possible!) Currently the follwowing extras are available:





The program is (c) Robert P. Krawczyk and protected by the Gnu Public Licence V2 (see the file COPYING). From where I took sounds I do not know anymore. If you are the owner, please drop me a note, so that I can either credit you or remove the file. Stephan Champailler told me that the players were from Maniac Mansion. So you now know that I have been running VICE and doing some screen shots...
The game is distributed without any warranty.


For comments/questions/improvements you can send an email.

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